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Wilmette, the largest of the villages in New Trier Township, represents about 40% of the student population feeding into New Trier High School. Within Wilmette, there are two separate districts: Wilmette District 39, which serves the majority of the community, and Avoca District 37, which although much smaller, is broader in scope in terms of communities it covers (see below).


Wilmette District 39 serves approximately 3500 students from *K – 8th grade with four neighborhood elementary schools:  

The four elementary schools comprising District 39 all feed into a two-year Middle School, after which students attend a two-year Junior High. Both schools are centrally located within the community and a stone's throw away from one another, linked by a park-like setting known as The Community Playfields. The ease of access between the two campuses encourages sharing of teacher resources as well as an array of integrated student activities. 






The second largest K-8 school district feeding into New Trier High School is Winnetka’s District 36, with an enrollment of approximately 1633 students. There are three neighborhood elementary schools serving K thru 4th grade:

  • Greeley Elementary School  K-4,“primarily” east Winnetka 

  • Crow Island Elementary School K-4, south west Winnetka 

  • Hubbard Woods Elementary School  K-4, “primarily” north west Winnetka 


The school system is similar to Wilmette’s, in that all three grade schools feed into a two-year middle school and upon completion, a two-year junior high school.

The two middle schools are centrally located within the village with both campuses next to one another, creating a symbiotic relationship similar to Wilmette, sharing  some teacher resources and integrated student activities.

  • The Skokie Middle School, grades 5 & 6, west Winnetka 

  • Carleton Washburne School, grades 7 & 8, west Winnetka 











Kenilworth’s District 38 is the only village where students attend the same school, The Joseph Sears School, beginning in Jr. Kindergarten all the way through 8th grade. Class sizes tend to be smaller and the school is centrally located to town, just a couple of blocks east of Green Bay Road. 











Glencoe’s District 35 boasts an age-centric school system, whereby the schools are broken down by grade rather than neighborhoods and serve the entire community.  











There are four separate K-8 school districts serving Northfield, depending on which part of Northfield you reside. Sunset Ridge District 29, and Avoca District 37 are the two districts that feed into New Trier High School District 203.  Sunset Ridge District 29 is comprised of two schools: 











Avoca School District is more spread out than the other New Trier feeder school districts, in terms of communities it serves. The boundaries, per the map above are:  Wilmette to the south, Glenview to the west, Winnetka to the east & Northfield to the north. The district is made up of two schools, an elementary school and a middle school, with a current student enrollment of approximately 725 children.  

  • Avoca West: Grades K-5, 235 Beech Dr, Glenview 

  • Mary Murphy Middle Schoolz; Grades 6-8, 2921 Illinois Rd, Wilmette  

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