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Meet "BBQ" Dan, owner of The Backyard Barbeque

With all things related to grilling in every corner and always a buzzing of clientele, there’s just something cool about the Backyard Barbecue Store. Recently we had the pleasure to meet up with the owner, Dan Marguerite, to learn more about his novel store, which he refers to as “A slice of barbecue heaven”. Below is an excerpt along with the QR code if interested in checking out our entire conversation.

L&J Will you share with us your background and how you came up with the idea for the Backyard Barbecue Store?

Dan: I grew up in Wilmette and as a family would barbecue outdoors regularly. My father was very good friends with George Stephen, the inventor of the Weber Kettle grill, which contributed to my passion for grilling. However, early on in my career I was an options trader and after a while decided to “hang it up”. As I was exploring new options, I took a trip to Atlanta to visit my sister and her family. While there I visited a store my nephew had worked at, called Barbecues Galore. Upon walking in, I was like a kid in a candy store. Soon after that visit, I hatched the idea for the Backyard Barbecue.

L&J: What would you say makes your store unique to other places that sell grills?

Dan: We (specialize) in all things grilling. A lot of places may have started out as a fireplace store and then added (selling) grills. In addition….you can always go to Home Depot to get a grill. But what makes us unique is that we are dedicated to barbecue, whether it’s charcoal, gas, outdoor kitchens and accessories. So when we opened up 19 years ago we decided to make barbecue our niche and we’ve never looked back.

L&J: When someone comes into your store to buy a grill (or smoker) you and your staff will help them with their selection as well as deliver and set up. Can you tell us more….

Dan: We offer classes on how to use your newly purchased grill and we encourage people to come to a class, especially when purchasing a Green Egg, since I’ve owned one for 25 years and know (early on) there’s a little bit of a learning curve.

L&J: Not only do you have spices and everything that you would ever want as it pertains to grilling, however, people come in here for other reasons….

Dan: We host events, so you can have a birthday party or a work event.On Friday’s we do a happy hour so you can come hang out. We’ve got a great chef, and offer lunch on Saturdays and Sundays during football season.

For The Full Interview:

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