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Meet Meredith Cohen of M. Cohen Interior Design

L&J: When did you get started in interior design?

Meredith: My previous career was a television commercial producer and I knew I wanted to stay in the creative field when I made a change. I got started about 25 years ago and I really love every aspect of interior design. I've seen so many trends change and come and go over the years. More than anything, I enjoy working with people and helping them create homes that they really love.

L&J: Where do you find your inspiration?

Meredith: I find it everywhere, I really like to be on Instagram when I'm not traveling. When I am traveling, I find inspiration from local architecture, fabric stores and design showrooms. I gather inspiration from magazines too, but mainly travel.

L&J: What items should a new homebuyer focus on?

Meredith: Starting with a piece of art can set the design style for the whole space. Another important item is a rug, it grounds and defines a space. Also, window treatments have a big design impact.

L&J: If a homeowner wants to freshen up their home, what updates would you suggest?

Meredith: The quickest & easiest update is getting a new coat of paint on the wall. Changing the wall color has a huge impact on your space and the easiest way is to pick something you love out of your room. It could be a rug, a piece of art or a fabric for a window treatment. Pull colors out of those pieces for a wall color.

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