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Meet Local Orange Theory Entrepreneur Adam Paris

L&J: What is your background?

Adam: I grew up in Hinsdale and attended the University of Michigan. My professional career is all in entrepreneurial ventures. We started a company in energy, education and finance and nutrition and now in fitness.

It was alway entrepreneurial passion, almost industry agnostic but always organizations that had a purpose to them. Energy recycling from large industrial processes and education working with at risk youth in Chicago. Start ups with a purpose.

L&J: What was interesting and unique about Orangetheory Fitness® and made you decide it was a franchise worth pursuing?

Adam: David Lance who also lives in Wilmette opened up the first Illinois franchise which was the 50th in the country. I always had a gym membership but never went to the gym, maybe at best once a month. I found big box gyms to be intimidating and I felt lost but then Dave opened up Orange Theory in Evanston. I went and kept going because I felt like I belonged and didn’t feel lost or intimidated and I knew what to do.

L&J: What was it about Orangetheory Fitness® that resonated with you?

Adam: Orangetheory is a one hour workout - half is cardio and half is strength. It is led by a personal trainer to guide you and keep you safe and it’s in a group format to keep you motivated. You get the benefits of having a personal trainer without actually having one. It brought personal training to a wider audience. During the workout, you are wearing a heart rate monitor to make sure you are not over training or under training. When you spend 12 minutes at 84% or more of your maximum heart rate then you will continue to burn 20% more calories even after the workout.

L&J: How does the color Orange play a role?

Adam: Orange is a motivating color and for us it’s all about the Orange Zone. Once you are above 84% or more maximum heart rate then you have reached the orange zone. If you can do that for 12 minutes then you’ll continue to burn those calories.

L&J: I know you have 14 gyms in Illinois but where are other locations?

Adam: The great part about an Orangetheory is that you can access all 1300 gyms across the country with one membership. Wherever you are there is always an Orangetheory within 3 miles. There are 1500 around the world.

L&J: How do I sign up for Orangetheory?

Adam: Everybody gets a free class with Orangetheory Fitness®. Call your local studio or visit It really is a great place for everyone. So many of our members are either reconnecting with fitness after they were a high school athlete now they are looking to find wellness in their 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond. It really is that place for everyone to find a sense of wellness.

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