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Tips For A Winning Tailgate Party

Come Fall, one of the things we look forward to the most is football season. Yup…guilty, whether rooting on our favorite college team, Lydia’s team is the once mighty Texas Longhorns, and Jane’s team is a Midwest favorite, the Iowa State Cyclones… there’s nothing like a high spirited tailgate party to attend on game day! With that in mind, we asked local resident and tailgate aficionado, George Rafeedie AKA "G-Money", if he would share with us some of his tips on what makes for a fun and memorable tailgate party often known for going into overtime!

Make Your Tailgate G$

This is my favorite time of the year – football tailgate season. While I don’t tailgate every week, I try to organize a few blowouts every year to gather friends and family. My theme for this article is simplicity. Maybe Jane & Lydia will let me write another article later in the season with a few advanced tips. Enjoy.

1. Simply put, a tailgate is a fun gathering. While the definition of a tailgate is “a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle,” you don’t always need a vehicle. And you don’t always have to be at a stadium. You can also have a tailgate in your driveway, your backyard, a park. The tailgate is a state of mind of fun. Gather and have fun.

2. Don’t overcomplicate things - start slow. If you are new to tailgating, throw some beer and sandwiches in a cooler. And there you have it. Drink, eat and enjoy. Don’t forget the chips and dip.

3. Learn from others. Building off the last bullet point, start slow but take the time to learn from others. I love walking around to other tailgates to meet new people and get great ideas for next time. And sometimes, like I did last week, you may even be offered a bread bowl of sausage gravy! (True story.)

4. Don’t underestimate the amount of ice you need. Especially on a hot day, ice can go quickly. When someone asks you what they could bring, always say ice.

5. Don’t forget the music. Invest in a nice portable speaker to add some depth to your tailgate. You never know when an impromptu tailgate dance party will break out. Those are the best.

For more advanced ideas like hitch grills, tents, carpets, lighting, kefta kabobs, generators and TVs, follow me at @grafeedie or text me at 847.921.3925.

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