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Your Strategic Staging Partner

As accredited staging specialists, we provide complimentary staging services to all of our clients, to ensure their home is “market ready”. When we’re preparing a property, we help assess what improvements can be made so that...

"You’re not leaving money on the table at closing that you could have gained back by increasing the value of your property".

But what are those improvements?

By the time you sell, the window of opportunity to make strategic improvements is small, and you may be limited by market conditions and time constraints.

What if we worked together well before a sale, with our expertise as a strategic partner in assessing opportunities for home improvements?

Exclusive to Compass, is our Concierge Program, the hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price.

From painting to flooring and everything in between, Concierge transforms your home with zero upfront costs and no interest - ever.

Whether you’re facing basic

wear-and-tear or your home requires more significant upgrades, We have the resources to transform your property —

Wondering what services Compass Concierge covers?

Strategic staging | Fresh paint | Updated HVAC | Plumbing | Landscaping | Cosmetic renovations | Moving + storage | Roofing repair | Upgraded electric | Decluttering | Structural fencing | And more!

For more information about our Concierge program, check out the QR code below or contact us for a complimentary consultation.

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