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What Is Luxury in 2020?

By Lydia DeLeo

Real Estate Agent with Compass 475.125122

“We all have our own individual needs, likes, and wants: Luxury is that which is aspirational to the individual. True luxury is something that is both something we aspire to as well as that which requires a little (or a lot) extra to obtain or experience."

It is for this reason we often remind ourselves that a $300,000 home is a luxury to that buyer the same way a $3 million home may be a luxury to another buyer.

So here we are in 2020, and so much has changed for all of us, especially in our renewed, heightened awareness. What might have been deemed luxury a year ago, may have shifted since. We need to remind ourselves that what may be luxurious to one person may not be luxurious to another. Often luxury is not a tangible object or item but instead an experience or even a feeling. Some consider being healthy, comfortable, well-fed, safe, surrounded by those you love, content, at peace, etc. the ultimate luxury.

Ultimately, TIME IS THE LAST LUXURY, and anything we can do to save our clients, customers, friends, family, colleagues time is certain to be greatly appreciated, possibly more so than a gift in a Tiffany Box. But here we are in the real estate business and now more than ever the value of a safe, comfortable, functional home in a wonderful neighborhood is a luxury many may have taken for granted for too long but now truly appreciate its value.

Knowing shelter and safety are probably the two things that will be very high on everyone's list of luxuries, placing us at the very epicenter of the luxury markets. It is for this reason alone that we should never underplay the importance of what we do every day in helping people resolve their real estate - and 'HOME' - solutions. A home is much, much more than four walls and a

Whether thinking about making your move this year or interested in a market analysis of your home’s current value, give us a call as we welcome the opportunity to serve as your local neighborhood resource.

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